elf on a shelf

If there is one thing that I knew that I wanted to get myself for christmas this year, it was an elf on a shelf… and then I found out that they made a girl one too!! OMG I will totally have a couple!!! Browsing the shelves today to my surprise, they had two different colors of each gender and well, to make it politically correct for my little family, I had to find the perfect pair!

Say hello to Dottie & Bernie the elf on the shelfs of SAV!!!

Okay so... Dottie really needed some clothes… so I handmade a skirt out of vintage lace, adorned her ears with swarovski rhinestone earrings and added a few embellishments to her scarf. I mean come on… she had to be a fashion forward sparkles and vintage diva fresh out of the box! She was ready for her close up!

And even though Christmas was yesterday, and the holiday season is on its way out… I am still so excited to know that I now have them! I cannot wait to dress them up & put them in different vignettes during Christmas 2014!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and are starting to get ready for The New Year!!

SAV is making some changes for the new year...

so please check back often to hear our lovely news!