Hello SAV FANS!! I know it's been sometime, and I apologize for the delay... we've been working on something super special!! 

It's the moment we have all be waiting for, but especially me!! Last Monday, I signed a new lease, and what was it for you ask???

Sparkles and Vintage officially has a studio/office/showroom in Canoga Park!!!! 

I honestly couldn't be any more excited! Our goodies are slowly but surely getting moved in and the space is really coming along nicely! Here's a little sneak peek! *Of our little sign! #signofficial We are booking appointments for clients to come in for consultations over the next couple weeks, so make sure to get yourself a spot! Please feel free to email us, call or fill out our lovely little contact form! We'd love to meet you in person and help you create a sparkly event!! Have a great weekend!